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Continental Conference on Access to Justice for Children in Africa
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Accessing Justice: The Experience of ACPF’s CLPC

Accessing Justice: The Experience of ACPF’s CLPC

In Ethiopia, as in most African countries, children are the most vulnerable and powerless section of the population. They face multifaceted problems due to lack of adequate protection and care. They frequently experience, various forms of physical, sexual and emotional violence within their homes , schools and communities. In some cases, children are abused by individuals whom they trust and depend on, which make the situation even worse.

Children lack access to justice. In most cases, children, who are victims of violence and abuse lack adequate knowledge and means to report such incidents to the appropriate government bodies. The law enforcement organs and the judiciary have limited human and financial resources and capacity to address these multifaceted problems of children.

It was in response to these problems that the Children’s Legal Protection Centre (CLPC) was established by The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) in 2005. The CLPC designed and carried out projects aimed at improving the protection of children and increasing their access to justice.

In 2008, an external evaluation of the Centre was carried out by an Independent Consultant. The valuation found that the various activities carried out have resulted in significant achievements, which have positively impacted on the lives of children. Indeed, the Centre’s work contributed to:

  • Improved access to quality legal and psychosocial services.
  • Increased accountability of law enforcement and other duty bearers to children’s rights.
  • Increased capacity of duty bearers.
  • Improved child-friendly judiciary and law enforcement structures and procedures.
  • This report provides a brief account of CLPC’s interventions and strategies as well as highlights its major achievements in the past five years.


25 February 2018





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