Mr. Noah Sang'anyi

Director, Children’s Services, Government of Kenya

Mr. Noah M.O. Sanganyi, is a Child Protection Specialist for over 29 years. He is the Director of Children’s Services and Secretary to the National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) at the State Department of Social Protection in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Noah holds a Masters of Arts  in Sociology from the University of Nairobi and is pursuing a PhD in Sociology at Mount Kenya University. He has attended many programmatic and management courses in Kenya and abroad. Noah is an alumni of Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education (USA) having participated in Leaders in Development: Managing Change in a Dynamic World, June 2017. 

Noah is a Board Member of East Africa Advisory Board in Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) Dar es Salaam, Tanzania representing Kenya, was an Alternate Board Member of Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM) for over 3 years and currently, he is the Alternate Board Member of National Crime Research Centre (NCRC) representing Principal Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Noah is the founding member of the child protection network in Kenya and has many publications on child protection initiatives.

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