Dr. Michael Gibbons

Programme Director, Children’s Rights/Education, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

Dr. Michael Gibbons is the Programme Director of Children’s Rights/Education at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. Dr Gibbons has worked in basic education, community development and social justice since the mid- 1970s in Asia, Africa, Latin America and low-income areas of the USA. He specialises in basic and nonformal education, child rights and child development, adult learning processes, training of educators and organisational learning. He holds a PhD from the Fielding Institute in human and organisational development, with a focus on organisational learning processes within educational programs. He is particularly interested in the role learning plays in personal development and social transformation. Currently, Mr. Gibbons serves as Director of Children's Rights and Education Programs at Wellspring Advisors LLC, a donor advising company based in Washington DC. Mr. Gibbons teaches courses in international training, education and development at The American University, George Washington University and the Monterey Institute for International Studies. He has served as associate director at Banyan Tree Global Foundation and country director and education advisor for Save the Children.

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